Iraq Icon General Trading has been established in Dubai at the beg-2000s (since 2004).
The core business of the company is the distribution of Household Consumer Goods in Iraq such as Major Domestic Appliances, Small Domestic Appliances, heaters and others.
The Company had immediately a large international breath with business partner in Europe (Italy) and Asia.
Management and strategy are led from Dubai and USA offices,
All the services, facilities and show rooms are located throughout Iraq.


Our actions are focused to achieve results: determination is a value in our management mind. We promise only what we can deliver.

Attention to details

Love for unique design means looking in consumer’s expectations (requirements) providing new innovations, technologies and concepts. The consumer satisfaction creates value for our retailers.


Environment and energy saving is our aim. We search for solutions and products that offer better performance and lower energy consumption daily use.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to make everyday consumer lives better and comfortable, providing best solution and latest innovation to their domestic needs for a more enjoyable life.
Our aim is to make each person’s life a little easier. We strive to make you proud of owning our products: improving quality of families’ daily life, in harmony with the environment.
Since ever our aim is to look forward.


are reflected in the way we manage our business.

Passion for innovation

Innovation is a key point.
It is our innovative spirit that has driven our creativity and our curiosity looking for better products to guarantee a pleasant life.
The continuous research for outstanding appliances makes our products portfolio large and wide to satisfy every consumer taste needs.